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  • Ransomware vs. Cities: A Cyber War

    6 hours 22 minutes ago
    As smart cities become the new normal for urban living, they must be resilient against the speed and sophistication of modern cyber threats.
    Justin Fier, Director for Cyber Intelligence & Analytics at Darktrace
  • Finding Your Niche in Cybersecurity

    7 hours 12 minutes ago
    With a little patience and research, you can discover a role you love that also protects those around you.
    Kristina Balaam, Senior Security Intelligence Engineer, Lookout
  • IKEA Hit by Email Reply-Chain Cyberattack

    1 day ago
    UPDATE: As of Tuesday, IKEA declined to say whether the cyberattack was still ongoing. IKEA warned employees on Friday that an ongoing cyberattack was using internal emails to malspam malicious links in active email threads.
    Lisa Vaas

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