Phone Scam

BruCERT has recently received a number of complaints from the public regarding phone scammers impersonating legitimate banks. The scammers contact victims through unofficial channels such as apps like WhatsApp or Viber, usually calling from an international number. They claim to be calling to check all customers’ cards and pressure the victim to reveal personal and financial information.


Bitcoin Storm Investment Scam


Fake news articles have been circulating on social media as sponsored ads, encouraging the public to invest in a cryptocurrency trading platform called Bitcoin Storm, which allegedly can transform anyone into a millionaire within 3-4 months.  


  • May lead to huge financial losses 
  • Credit card or banking details will be stolen
  • Leakage of personal information such as email address, username and password 


WhatsApp Flaw Leads To Shoulder Surfing Attacks

Background Description:

Studies show that 80% of Bruneians use WhatsApp for businesses and sharing information via mobile devices. Due to the way that WhatsApp sends an SMS to users who login to their account on a new device, it leaves users open to account hijacking just by ‘shoulder surfing’. Someone who knows a user’s phone number can easily take over their account just by looking at the victim’s phone when it receives the 6-digit code.


Instagram Copyright Violation Scam


Scammers are sending fake copyright infringement notices through WhatsApp and email, claiming to be from Instagram. The message claims that the user’s Instagram account will be permanently deleted for violating copyright guidelines, unless the user provides feedback within 24 hours by clicking on a link.

The link leads to a phishing website where the user is asked for their Instagram username and password, followed by their email address and password.