WhatsApp Spam Vulnerability


WhatsApp users have reportedly been receiving spam messages from a foreign phone number, informing that their WhatsApp number was selected to win a prize. Users who block the sender's number would then have their WhatsApp account suspended for a certain period of time. Once their account is recovered, previous chat conversations might be lost if the user has not backed up their chats.


  • The user's WhatsApp account would be suspended for a certain period of time 
  • Loss of data if there is no backup
  • This vulnerability affects previous versions of WhatsApp (For android, version before and for iOS, version before 2.20.81)



  • If you receive a suspicious message, ignore and delete it immediately
  • Do not download from untrusted sources
  • Update your apps and firmware to the latest version
  • Scan your phone with the latest antivirus software
  • Do not forward any suspicious links to others
  • Perform backup regularly