Instagram Copyright Violation Scam


Scammers are sending fake copyright infringement notices through WhatsApp and email, claiming to be from Instagram. The message claims that the user’s Instagram account will be permanently deleted for violating copyright guidelines, unless the user provides feedback within 24 hours by clicking on a link.

The link leads to a phishing website where the user is asked for their Instagram username and password, followed by their email address and password.


  • Scammer can gain full access to the user’s Instagram and email accounts
  • Other online services connected to the email account could be compromised
  • Leakage of personal information
  • Identity theft and impersonation


  • Ignore the message and don’t forward it to others
  • Do not click on the link
  • Never share your credentials if requested by suspicious email or messages
  • If you have accidentally revealed your password, change your password immediately
  • Limit sharing of personal information on social media
  • Ensure your device always has the latest security updates