Video Communication App: Microsoft Teams

Background Description:
Many organizations and schools have moved to online platforms due to the global COVID-19 pandemic situation. One of the popular online platforms being used for communications is Microsoft Teams.


  •  Use of weak passwords may lead to compromised account and personal information.
  • Allow unauthorized user access to the document


  • Cover your webcam when it is not in use.
  • Always patch your operating systems and antivirus.
  • Block any suspicious contacts immediately
  • Back up your data frequently, preferably in an offline location
  • Use encryption for file sharing
  • Confidential files should be sent by encrypted email (PGP) rather than through Teams.
  • Save the installer into a newly created directory and confirm there are no unrelated files in the directory then invoke the installer.
  • Make sure there are no suspicious files in the directory where the installer is saved.
  • If your organization uses shared directories to place installers for organizational operations, make sure that the shared directory is set read-only for non-administrative users.
  • Download the latest version of Microsoft Teams.
  • Make sure to download from trusted resources.