COVID-19 Online Fraud


The Covid-19 outbreak has shown a very drastic effect globally, with no exception to Brunei Darussalam. As the virus continues to spread, online platforms are now a key target for scammers to reach potential victims through "Phishing”, (e.g. fake online shopping sites and email) and "Smishing" (via text messages in which scammers normally offer free face masks, or even cures, vaccine and treatment for COVID-19).


  • Victims could be cheated of their money due to clicking on phishing links and getting nothing in return.
  • Victims could be tricked into giving their personal information or credentials for sensitive accounts while making online transactions.
  • Links could also infect the user’s device with malware.


  • Ignore or delete suspicious emails or messages immediately.
  • Do not click on links or download any attachments from suspicious emails or messages.
  • Always update your operating system and applications.
  • Install and update your antivirus software frequently.
  • Before you visit a new online store, ensure that the website, seller and payment methods are secure