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FaceApp’s viral challenge had attracted around 80 million users for both IOS and Android which uses artificial intelligence to digitally transform a face to make it smile, look younger, look older or change gender.

  • Its Privacy policy states that it could collects location information and details about users' browsing activities
  • Information gathered will be share to third-party advertisement partners to deliver targeted ads.
  • It could collect data without user permissions
Affected System

IOS and Android

  • Uninstall or delete the app immediately
  • Scan device with updated antivirus
  • Best practice is to read the terms and condition before downloading any app so that users would know how their data or information would be treated

Deleting FaceApp:

  • Go to the upper left corner settings in FaceApp, then go to Support.
  • Click on “Bug reporting and send logs.”
  • Ask for the deletion of your information and ensure that the term “privacy” is included in the request.