Submitted by irteam on Sat, 10/19/2019 - 08:38

Android users should be on the alert on the new, malicious malware dubbed as “Agent Smith”. About 25 million devices have already been infected worldwide. The malware attacks silently, hence making it challenging for common Android users to identify the threat. 

Agent Smith exploits vulnerabilities within the Android OS to sneakily replace legitimate installed apps with a malicious one. The “new version” which are similar to the ones they replace, contains a modified code which prevents them from being updated. From there onward, not only does Agent Smith forces apps to push more adverts, it can also be used to steal your banking details  

Affected System
Android Systems (Most attacks are from Android 5 and 6)

It could steal banking credentials and other sensitive information.


  • Always update your operating system and application to the latest version 
  • Scan your device with updated antivirus
  • Always download application from trusted party and do not install any untrusted .APK” files or from third-party app store