Submitted by irteam on Thu, 10/17/2019 - 08:55

File Sharing programs allows internet users to share, download, and view  files on their individual computers.
P2P networks has become one of the medium for spreading of viruses, spyware, adware, malware through file sharing applications as it may lead to security breaches in the form of unauthorized access (hacking), worms, viruses and phishing.


  • The risk of downloading software from peer to peer programs:
  • Relevant authorities (copyright owner's) have the rights to provide punishment for violation of Copyright laws as you have no permission to do so.
  • Loss of Privacy as it exposed to unauthorized people and can be accessible by everyone.
  • Installation of malicious code as there is no verification on the source of the file is trustworthy.
  • Downloading files causes massive traffic on the network which result in Denial of Service.
  • Downloading pirated software, copyrighted material and pornography may be criminally Prosecuted especially when your computer is connected to company network.


  • Do not download inappropriate programs or videos especially when connecting to organization network
  • Always Protect your sensitive information or Do not store confidential data into your personal computer
  • Train employees who access the network about the security risk when using P2P File Sharing Programs