WhatsApp Stolen Accounts


An increasing number of local WhatsApp users have reported their accounts being hacked recently. The user would receive an SMS containing a 6-digit verification code, then someone on WhatsApp will ask for the code. Once the code is shared, the scammer will be able to login to your WhatsApp account, and you will be logged out. Using your WhatsApp account, the scammer would then use the same method to takeover the WhatsApp account of the people in your contact list.


  •  Lose access to your WhatsApp account, and the hijacker can send messages to your contact list while pretending to be you.


  •  Never share your 6-digit code with anyone, even your trusted contacts.
  •  Beware of unusual requests received over WhatsApp. Call that person to double check if they sent the message.
  •  Turn off notification preview for SMS. Anyone who can see the verification code on your phone can easily hijack your account.
  •  Enable "Two-Step Verification" for your WhatsApp account. Go to **Settings > Account > Enable Two-Step Verification**
  •  Log out of WhatsApp Web/Desktop when you finish using it. 


If your WhatsApp account has been hijacked:

  •  Inform your family and friends that your account has been hacked, and they should not respond to any WhatsApp messages that appear to be from you.
  •  Warn other people not to give their verification codes to anyone.
  •  Report to WhatsApp regarding your stolen account