Submitted by irteam on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 14:57


Nowadays everyone is using a WhatsApp to communicate because it is simple and fast. But, this also means that a higher risk of WhatsApp account hacking.

How it works: 

The attacker will insert a valid phone number of the targeted victims to hijack the WhatsApp. The victim will receive SMS verification code at the same time receive a phone call from the attacker that request for the code. The victims will lose access to their WhatsApp account if the verification code is given to the attacker. A notification will be appeared as “Your phone number is no longer on this phone. This is likely because you registered your phone number with WhatsApp on a different phone” if the attacker successfully hijack the victim WhatsApp.

Symptoms: The chances of getting back the WhatsApp account is very low.

Affected System

Vulnerable Software: All WhatsApp Version


  • Enable two step verification that need PIN and email account
  • Ignore and delete any messages received especially if you do not request for it
  • Do not click any link or messages, it might redirect you to phishing account
  • Do not respond to anonymous voice or video call
  • Never share your pin code with others
  • Mobile phone should not be left attended for other people to have access or even observe briefly to verification code sent to your phone should your original phone number be registered on another phone
  • Always patch iPhone and android version of WhatsApp
  • Awareness training for end users