BruCERT has recently received a number of complaints from the public regarding phone scammers impersonating legitimate banks. The scammers contact victims through unofficial channels such as apps like WhatsApp or Viber, usually calling from an international number. They claim to be calling to check all customers’ cards and pressure the victim to reveal personal and financial information.


  • Identity theft with the purpose of taking control of your bank account.
  • Leakage of confidential information such as bank account number, ATM PIN, and credit card details.
  • Financial losses.



  • If you receive a suspicious call, take your time and don’t rush into giving in to the caller’s requests.
  • Never reveal personal or financial information to anyone over phone or email.
  • Banks and financial institutions would never call or email to ask for your password or card number. If a call seems suspicious, please contact your respective bank immediately.
  • Check your bank transactions regularly.
  • Change your passwords such as ATM PIN and internet banking password.
  • If the caller is rude or tries to harass you, end the call.
  • Do not answer calls from unknown numbers, and be cautious with unexpected international calls.