Proper disposal of Electronic devices (E-waste)

Electronics Device includes:

  1. Smartphone, Computers and Tablets
  2. Digital Camera and Media Players
  3. Peripherals Device such as monitors, mouse, keyboard, CPU and external hard disk
  4. Gaming consoles


Safety Steps and Tips:

  1. Consider backing up your data regularly to your preference storage places and location with caution.
  2. Sanitize your data from the devices permanently to prevent the possibility of recovery:
    1. For computer. By using secure erase command, it will erase all the data from the hard drives by overwriting all areas of hard drives. The second option is by using Disk Wiping Utility in order to permanently wipe data from a disk to a new data.
    2. For smartphone and Tablet. By performing “hard reset” will return the device to its original factory settings and physically remove your memory card if you have one.
    3. For Game Console. Perform standard factory reset and remove hard drives and memory card.
    4. For Office equipment. Remove any memory cards from the equipment and perform full manufacture reset to restore the equipment to its factory default.
  3. Physically destroy your device to prevent others from retrieving your information and before sending it to the disposal company as well such as:
    1. Hard Drive. By driving nails or drilling holes into the device yourself into small pieces so that the information cannot be reconstructed.
    2. Solid State Drives. This device should be destroyed with a device that are specifically engineered for this purpose. All data storage chip memory should be crushed, shredded, and disintegrated. This is called solid-state destruction.
    3. CD and DVD Drives. Use cross-cut shredder that can destroy CD and DVD drives.