Managed Security Services (MSS)


An organization’s infrastructure may be secure today, but as the business processes evolve and require new systems and applications, the organization’s exposure to security breaches increases. Critical system failures, data corruption, and confidential information intrusions are but a few of the very real and business-damaging impacts.

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs.

ITPSS Managed Security Services provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • Benefit from our 24x7 monitoring services for a fraction of the cost of internal monitoring.
  • Ensure full protection through enterprise-wide monitoring of all networks, servers, operating systems, and applications.
  • Prevent attacks using our non-stop system testing against the latest vulnerabilities.
  • Maximize protection with remote proactive management of your security devices.
  • Reduce damage of business-impacting threats through real-time notification by our experts.
  • Ensure the right response to each attack based on its potential impact on the organization's core business.

AT ITPSS, our Managed Security Services include the following services:

  • Security monitoring of:
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
    • Antivirus/Antispam
    • Content Filtering
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) Connection
  • Incident Management including BruCERT and Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Network Monitoring and Log Analysis
  • Syslog Services (Log Retention)